DELPHI brings together a complementary consortium of 16 partners (+1 associated partner and 1 affiliated entity), from 8 EU and associated countries with the view to address the growing challenges of passenger and freight mobility.

Our Partners


I-SENSE Research Group, of the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS)

Angelos Amditis, DELPHI Project Coordinator

Margarita Kostovasili, DELPHI day-to-day project manager

Katerina Erato Zouroufidou, ICCS Communication Officer

The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) was founded in 1992 with the mission to conduct top-quality research, development activities and to provide scientific service to private and public bodies. It supports the deployment, realization and growth of the research priorities of the European Union through pursuing research funding via the competitive calls for research proposals by the European Commission.

While coordinating project DELPHI, ICCS will be leveraging its experience as a project coordinator of more than 80 HE, H2020 and FP7 projects and bringing its considerable experience in, Quality, Knowledge and Data & Risk Management tasks. ICCS will ensure the strong coordination needed for such a big action involving a wide range of partners with different profiles and needs. It will further lead the activities relating to Governance, Regulatory and Stakeholder Analysis (Work Package 2) and tasks related to multimodal, technologyagnostic services, interoperability and legacy systems, environmental, social, financial parameters for multimodal optimization while also leading the pilot in Mykonos (WP3 & WP5).


WINGS ICT Solutions

Sokratis Barmpounakis, Senior Solutions Architect

Grigorios Koutantos, Research and Development Engineer

WINGS ICT Solutions provides complete integrated, intelligent digital (software, hardware) solutions and transformation for vertical business sectors, such as environment, utilities and infrastructures, production and manufacturing, service sectors and smart cities. In order to achieve these results, WINGS exploits advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud technologies, Telecommunication Networks, advanced visualization techniques, and mobile applications. In addition, WINGS is a company with extensive experience in coordination, technical management, as well as the application of cutting-edge technologies in European projects, having participated in more than 40 FP7, H2020 and HEU projects.

Within DELPHI, WINGS will coordinate the technical activities of the project, as Technical Manager. WINGS will also coordinate, as WP5 leader, the trials activities, as well as the definition and validation methodology of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), coordinating the end users and technical partners for the successful execution of the trials and the evaluation of the results to be obtained.


Philippos Philippou,
R&D Senior Project Manager

Thanasis Christofides,
R&D Project Manager

eBOS is an innovative SME based in Cyprus (Nicosia), providing technologically advanced digital business solutions to clients internationally, with a focus on the FinTech and RegTech sectors. At the same time, it is actively engaged in Research, Innovation and Development (R&D/R&I) projects with involvement in dozens of European Commission projects in recent years (FP7, H2020, HE).

eBOS role within DELPHI will be to lead the work towards a federated ecosystem, interoperability and integration with the objective to:

• Design a central, cloud-based platform-of-platforms offering diverse optimisation (e.g., AI/ML-driven), decision making, as well as visualization tools.
• Design a reference architecture for multi-modal passenger and freight transport platforms’ federation, including information exchange data models and interfaces, security and trust requirements and components.
• Deliver a flexible service through modular software and hardware components and seamless integration for legacy/3rd party platforms and/or data sources.
• Deliver an integrated end-to-end, big data ingestion and processing system, capable of receiving, storing, as well processing in real-time large amounts of data from heterogeneous sources and systems across the network.
• Design a technology independent set of services for exchanging, storing, monitoring, and processing freight/transport information including visualization (e.g., dashboard), as well as user-friendly network and traffic management tools with explainable AI-driven decision-making tools and interfaces.

Moreover, eBOS will be responsible for the data management and open science efforts as well as manage the methodology framework for secure, safe, and efficient data sharing/storage/usage, along the supply chain and technology-agnostic multi-modal transport service specifications.


Inlecom Commercial Pathways

Dr. Christos Roupas, Head of EU Projects, Programs & Partnerships at Inlecom Commercial Pathways

Ian O’Donovan, Project Manager at Inlecom Commercial Pathways

Inlecom Commercial Pathways:

Helping to embed commercial thinking throughout R&D projects and support the journey from research to revenue.

As specialists in commercialisation and innovation management in EU research projects, Inlecom Commercial Pathways has successfully supported spinouts as well as advanced the EU’s industry and SME sectors in tactical and strategic imperatives. Our excellent European network support the EU’s SME sector in building top-class consortia that work together to achieve commercially realisable outcomes. Inlecom commercial pathways are experts in developing comprehensive business plans to move research and innovation results closer to commercial solutions, protect the Intellectual Property that makes project innovations unique and deliver a future commercial advantage.

The role of Inlecom Commercial Pathways in the DELPHI Project is to foster ‘exploitation’ of the project research activity through partnerships and to enhance the projects outputs by turning innovative ideas in to exploitable outcomes for our partners. As part of Project DELPHI Work Package 6 and the development of an ‘Exploitation Strategy and Adoption’ of DELPHI innovations (task 6.4) Inlecom Commercial Pathways will in collaboration with the project partners to submit at least 1 Patent, by identifying and leveraging the Key Exploitable Results of the project.


Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe

Dr Yanying Li, Head of Programmes and Knowledge Management

Mrs Marion Cottet, Project manager

The European Technology Platform ALICE is set-up to develop a comprehensive industry lead strategy for research, innovation and market deployment of logistics and supply chain management in Europe. Leading experts and companies in implementing supply chain and logistics innovation form ALICE aiming at transitioning towards net zero emissions transport & logistics operations in an affordable way. To that end, interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder collaborative innovation is key. ALICE supports, assists and advise the European Commission in the implementation of the EU Programs for research: Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe which is a perfect framework for collaborative innovation realization.

ALICE contributes to DELPHI’s Governance, Regulatory and Stakeholder Analysis (work package 2) by leading the task 2.1 on State-of-the-art in governance and stakeholder’s ecosystem and contributing to Multilevel Governance and cross sectoral regulatory aspects (task 2.3) and Digitalization of information flows, stakeholder analysis, user stories, functional requirements (task 2.4). ALICE also actively participate on Dissemination, communication, exploitation, and community building (work package 6) by leading the Networking, Community Building and liaison activity (task 6.2) and Standardization contributions & Policy Recommendation (task 6.3). ALICE contributes to Project management and coordination (work package 1) on Administrative and Financial Project Management & Risk Management (task 1.1).


AIRBUS Urban Mobility

Dr Vassilis AGOURIDAS,
Head of EU Public Co-Creation & Ecosystem Outreach

AIRBUS Urban Mobility (AUM) develops next-generation  eVTOL vehicles by maturing the associated technological bricks, integration and manufacturing processes. AUM also works on the wider ecosystem ranging from unmanned traffic management (UTM), urban traffic concepts, infrastructure (Vertipads), and operators.

For the purposes of DELPHI, AUM leads the task that examines the existing governance structures and the regulatory schemes aiming to build an integrated, neutral framework. This task will derive recommendations and guidelines towards ensuring trust, safety, and security for accessing and sharing data/information via multiple mobility providers (incl. urban air mobility) of platform services, including federated, distributed, as well as peer-to-peer solutions. This task builds on the principles of the Coordination Mechanism of the (EU) 2021/664 U-space Implementation Regulation, and investigates, in the context of intermodal solutions, the role of the diverse stakeholders required from the inclusion of urban air mobility.



Kay Bierzynski, Project Manager

Infineon is a world leader in design and manufacturing of semiconductor products and related application support. Combining entrepreneurial success with responsible action, at Infineon we make the world easier, safer and greener. Barely visible, semiconductors have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. We are playing a key role in shaping a better future – with microelectronics that link the digital and the real world. Our semiconductors enable smart mobility, efficient energy management and the secure capture and transfer of data. Infineon designs, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of semiconductors and system solutions. The focus of its activities is on automotive electronics, industrial electronics, communication and information technologies, and hardware-based security.

Infineon is leading Task 3.2 related to data generation, exposure, acquisition, ingestion and processing for diverse multi-modal passenger and freight transport systems and Task 4.3 related to multi-modal sensor correlation, emissions and noise estimation. In addition, Infineon is also active in all work packages 1 to 6, focusing on the radar-based environmental perception activities related to our target demonstrator.


Urban Rail Transport Single-Member S.A.

Urban Rail Transport Single-Member S.A. (STASY SA) was established in 2011, following the merger of the 3 companies of the urban rail transport system of Attica: the Athens-Piraeus Urban Railway (ISAP), the Attiko Metro Operation Company (AMEL) and TRAM SA. The STASY network currently comprises a total of 130 stations and stops; it is constantly being expanded and modernized and has evolved into a link between the country’s major port, its capital city and the Athens International Airport. The high-quality services provided to Atticaʼs citizens and visitors by STASY have made the company the first and constant choice of the passengers for their daily travels.

In DELPHI, STASY will work on the implementation of the Athens use case, while it will, also, contribute to other project tasks, as well.


Attikes Diadromes S.A.

Eleni Tirogianni, Strategic and Organisational Manager

Giorgos Kiousis, Technology Director

Natalie Kalfa, Head of Management Information

Attikes Diadromes S.A., is the Operation and Maintenance Company of the Attiki Odos Motorway  in Athens, Greece.  Attiki Odos is the Athens Ring Road, providing free-flow traffic conditions in the city centre periphery, linking the downtown areas by radial connections and main arteries. It provides a link between the national motorway network to the south and to the north of the Greek Capital and connects the city and its suburbs with the new Athens International Airport. It is part of the general transportation plan for the development of the Greater Athens Transportation System. It also provides connections with mass transport mode facilities (Metro, Suburban Rail and Buses).

Attiki Odos is a 70 km-long urban Motorway, fully access-controlled through 39 toll stations (6 mainline toll stations and 33 ramp toll stations), with two directionally-separated carriageways, each consisting of 3 lanes for most of its length and an emergency lane (hard shoulder).Attiki Odos is a Concession project.

The Company’s main tasks are contractually assigned on a back-to-back basis with the Concession Agreement, that was signed between Attiki Odos S.A. (the Concessionaire) and the Greek State. ATD tasks include:

  • Traffic management & safety of users
  • Detection / intervention / management of incidents
  • Routine maintenance of infrastructure and fixed equipment
  • Maintenance of vehicle fleet
  • Planning / monitoring of major maintenance
  • Planning / scheduling of improvements and expansionToll Collection
  • Design of Commercial Policy & management of commercial packages
  • Monitoring of User complaints
  • Public Relations and Communication

In DELPHI, ATD will lead T5.4, which entails the Athens Demo case, while also contributing to other WP5 (Demonstration) tasks, such as KPI definition, validation activities and evaluation of pilot results. In addition, ATD will contribute to stakeholder requirements and analysis (WP2) and in defining parameters for multi-modal optimization (WP4).


Ktel of Mykonos

The KTEL of Mykonos (regional public transport bus service) was founded in 1981 aiming to serve the transport needs of the residents and numerous visitors. KtelM S.A. was established in 2003 with the aim of improving the services provided, since the transport needs of the island are dynamically growing and changing. The fleet of KtelM consists of 26 buses, some of which are specially designed for the tourist needs of the island.

In the context of DELPHI, KtelM will be directly involved in the use case #3 and the associated pilot demonstration that will take place at Mykonos, aiming to optimize freight transport through the exploitation of regular passenger shuttles.


DHL Exel Supply Chain

Juan Manuel Sen, IT Project Delivery Manager & Innovation Lead

Manuel Sánchez Angoso, Legal Director

DHL Exel Supply Chain is the world´s leading contracts logistics provider with active operations in over 50 countries. Its Spanish branch, partner of the DELPHI project, owns 60 warehouses with more than 1M m2 of storage capacity in Spain and provides its logistics services to over 100,000 customers (e.g. suppliers of components, distributors, final costumers of finished goods, etc.).

In DELPHI project, DHL is the leader of the Madrid Demo Case, in cooperation with Metro de Madrid, Koiki and MobiLis. Madrid Pilot aims to create efficient, sustainable, collaborative faster and safer transport modes for the end-to-end transport process with the focus on the existing Metro network and avoiding the current use of vans/trucks.


Metro de Madrid

Metro de Madrid serves around 7 million inhabitants and more than 75% of the regional population has a station within 600 metres of their home. The number of passengers will be around 350 million in 2020, 442 million in 2021 and 571 million in 2022. The company currently employs 7189 people. They all work to ensure that nearly 2 million people every day enjoy a pleasant journey in the most comfortable, fastest and safest way.

Within the DELPHI project, the role of the Metro de Madrid is to use its surplus or unused capacity for freight transport and to be an option that can help to partially solve the last mile problem in large cities. The ultimate goal is to take advantage of all the benefits of sustainable transport, such as the Metro (reduction of social and environmental externalities) in the case of e-commerce parcel transport. The ultimate aim is to reduce the number of city vans and give more prominence to citizens and visitors.


Fatima Romero, Administration and Project Coordination

Patricia de Francisco, Marketing and Project Communication

Aitor Ojanguren, DELPHI Project Implementation

Koiki is a social entrepreneurship company founded in Spain in 2015. Koiki operates in the last mile delivery sector (which is growing very fast and it’s a huge job generator) with a clear purpose: The conscious delivery for the environment and the society.

Addressing three issues at the same time: (1) unemployment within disadvantaged communities (e.g. intellectually disabled, people with mental health problems, long-term unemployed, etc.); (2) pollution coming from urban parcel distribution – “Koikis” deliver in a sustainable way (walking, biking, electric vehicles); and (3) the inefficiencies within the last mile delivery sector that harm not only the e-commerce industry but also cities and its inhabitants.

Koiki will take part in Madrid UC, which implies activities in WP1, WP2, WP3 & WP5 altogether with DHL Supply Chain and Metro de Madrid with the following objectives: Efficient, sustainable, collaborative, faster and safer transport modes for end-to-end transport process, focus on existing Metro network avoiding current use of vans/trucks, remote monitoring and control via drones and mobile applications, crowd-shipping methodologies and exploitation of e-bikes for Last Mile Delivery.


Andrei Rusu, Institutional Relations Manager

Mihai Hulea, Project Manager

NTT DATA Romania S.A. (NTTD) is a subsidiary of NTT DATA, a global IT services company headquartered in Japan. NTT DATA Romania S.A. operates as part of this multinational corporation, offering a wide range of IT solutions and services to clients across various industries. With a presence in Romania, NTT DATA leverages local talent and expertise to provide customized software development, consulting, and IT outsourcing services. The company is known for its commitment to innovation and excellence in helping businesses achieve their digital transformation goals.

Within DELPHI, NTTD leads T2.4 focused on the digitalization of information flows, stakeholder analysis, user stories and functional requirements, T3.4 which handles the secure and trustworthy data sharing between the pilots’ data sources and the DELPHI platform and, T5.6 in which it acts as a technical provider and consulting for the Cluj-Napoca pilot represented by the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca (MCN) and the Cluj-Napoca Public Transportation Company (CTP). NTTD is also contributing to various other tasks to help in the achievement of the project goals.


City of Cluj Napoca

The city of Cluj Napoca is situated in North Western Romania and is considered the capital of Transylvania. With a population of around 300.000 inhabitants, Cluj-Napoca is facing an accelerate economic development, being a city with a remarkable potential for foreign investments. In the last few years, Cluj-Napoca has undergone a major transformation that has even changed the strategic profile of the city. Some key elements that underline the profound change are the growth in economic importance based on knowledge, the forming of permanent partnerships within the community, the strong confirmation of the university character of the city, and the attention given to the overall quality of life.

In DELPHI, The Municipality of Cluj-Napoca will implement one of the 4 pilot cases alongside with NTTD (configuration, testing, trial, simulation, result collection and updates).


Public transport company in Cluj-Napoca

CTP is the public transport company in Cluj-Napoca and is subordinate to the Cluj-Napoca City Hall. The company provides services to the population, the main activity being the transport of people in the city of Cluj-Napoca and in the Metropolitan area. Cluj-Napoca City Hall has clear and ambitious goals on the green dimension, such as the objective of having a 100% electric public transport fleet.

In DELPHI , CTP will be involved to help MCN access data, deploy and validate the solutions developed during the course of the project.


Research and Innovation Department

Mrs. Evangelia Latsa
DELPHI Communication Manager

Mrs. Eleni S. Krikigianni
DELPHI Day-to-day Communication Manager

SEABILITY ltd is active in the fields of Intermodal Freight Transport (road, air, and sea) and logistics. Being a user of road transport operations SEABility is highly interested in new technologies and particularly in the effect that automation will have in operations. The challenges we handle are related to connectivity issues, data handling and security. SEABility acts also as an ICT and technology provider offering SoA solutions and consultancy services on all its core business domains (e.g. logistics, transport, etc.), as well as new business areas such as environmental applications, and safety and security applications.

SEABILITY leads DELPHI Dissemination, communication, exploitation and community building Work Package 6, which includes, except for leading the dissemination and communication activities (task 6.1) & the Exploitation Strategy and Adoption of DELPHI innovations (task 6.4), the Networking, Community Building and liaison activities (task 6.2) and the Standardisation contributions & Policy Recommendation (task 6.3). SEAB, also, participates and contributes to State-of-the-art in governance and stakeholder ecosystem (Task 2.1) and the Multi-modal trends in urban and peri-urban areas, towards a common passenger/freight mobility ecosystem (Task 2.2), as well as in WP1 related to the Project management and coordination.


Research and Innovation Department

Dr. Manos Barmpounakis – Co-Founder & CEO

Prof. Nikolas Geroliminis – Co-Founder & Scientific advisor

MobiLysis offers an all-in-one solution for monitoring and analysing mobility at large-scale in a fast, reliable, accurate and high-quality way. MobiLysis identifies the sources of congestion and mobility problems and offers advanced traffic management and sustainable mobilitysolutions. The privacy friendly technology is based on high-quality data collected using a swarm of drones to understand mobility dynamics at play and make cities more sustainable.

In DELPHI, MobiLysis is the leader of WP4 in which they will focus on Predictive Modelling, Optimization and Decision support. Among their various tasks, they will focus on:

  • the definition of the parameters of the optimization algorithms
  • the delivery of Integrated freight and passenger transportation optimisation algorithms
  • the estimation of multi-modal CO2 and noise emissions
  • the development of an AI/ML-powered decision support with predictive capabilities for traffic congestion