DELPHI project, officially started on July 1st, 2023, and kicked-off, physically, on July 4th -5th, 2023, in Athens, Greece.

DELPHI is a Horizon Europe project that brings together a complementary consortium of 16 partners (+1 associated partner and 1 affiliated entity), from 8 EU and associated countries with the view to address the growing challenges of passenger and freight mobility.

Recognizing the complexity of stakeholder landscapes, fragmented transportation systems, and the need for secure data sharing, DELPHI will focus on the strategic dimension of integrating passenger and freight transport in a single federated system, working towards integrating sectors, harmonizing data, and leveraging advanced methodologies, to transform transportation systems, for a sustainable future.

DELPHI’s federated ecosystem, over the course of the project’s three-year lifetime, will be extensively evaluated in real life settings through four pilot demonstrations across the participating transportation networks located in Spain (Madrid), Greece (Athens and Mykonos), and Romania (Cluj-Napoca). These demos aim to facilitate the effective preparation and seamless integration of systems, and they will involve continuous monitoring of progress, to ensure smooth functioning and improved interconnectivity.

DELPHI project is coordinated by the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS).

The Kick-off Meeting marked the starting point for the constructive and successful collaboration between all partners. During first day of the meeting, the project goals and objectives were highlighted, while the Work Package leaders from WP1, WP2, WP3 & WP4 explained their roles, responsibilities, and visions for paving the way for the success of the project.

Within the same day, DELPHI consortium had also the pleasure to welcome the CINEA Project Officer, who made an overview presentation about the structure of CINEA, and he also mentioned thoroughly the admin guidelines related to the Grant Agreement that need to be followed. He concluded his presentation by highlighting the expectations from the DELPHI team.

The second day of the DELPHI kick-off meeting was dedicated to the rest Work Packages, namely WP5 & WP6.