On 27/09/2023 DELPHI, SYNCHROMODE & ACUMEN had their first liaison meeting, with the view to create mutually beneficial synergies and exploit the maximum potential of their upcoming results and outcomes!

A round table presentation initiated the meeting between the representatives of DELPHI (SEAB & ICCS), SYNCHROMODE (POLIS) & ACUMEN (POLIS) Horizon Europe Projects.

All three projects are considered as sister projects as they are funded under the same topic: HORIZON-CL5-2022-D6-02-05 – Advanced multimodal network and traffic management for seamless door-to-door mobility of passengers and freight transport.

The representatives discussed a provisional plan of upcoming liaison and cross fertilization activities between the three projects, including as primary activities, the creation of an active cluster, the cross media promotion and the potential cooperation in stakeholders’ mapping and their needs.

DELPHI’s presentation is available here.

SYNCHROMODE’s and ACUMEN’s presentation is available here.

More information about the upcoming activities will be announced soon!