The 4FRONT cluster has been established in November 2022, by the 4 sister projects funded under the topic Horizon 2020 MG-2-11-2020 Network and traffic management for future mobility: DIT4TRAM, FRONTIER, TANGENT, ORCHESTRA.

In 2023, this cluster of projects has been extended to the new projects funded under HORIZON-CL5-2022-D6-02-05 – Advanced multimodal network and traffic management for seamless door-to-door mobility of passengers and freight transport: ACUMEN, DELPHI, SYNCHROMODE.

In 2024, 2 new CCAM projects have been invited to the building of a common roadmap for the Network and Traffic Management of the future funded under HORIZON-CL5-2022-D6-01-04 – Integrate CCAM services in fleet and traffic management systems (CCAM Partnership): IN2CCAM and CONDUCTOR.

The Cluster Meeting on Network & Traffic Management Systems (NTM), that was held between 08th-09th of February 2024, in Brussels Belgium, officially marked the kick-off of the preparation of a revised Strategic Research and Implementation Roadmap for NTM, to take into account all the work undertaken by these nine Horizon projects: DIT4TRAM, FRONTIER, TANGENT, ORCHESTRA, ACUMEN, DELPHI, SYNCHROMODE, IN2CCAM and CONDUCTOR.

To ensure continuity on previous roadmaps prepared for the sector, the 2016 STRIA Roadmap for Network and Traffic Management Systems was utilized as the basis for the work to be performed. Although many aspects are still relevant there have been major changes in the sector that needed to be appropriately captured to provide feedback to policymakers in the EU with regards to strategic research needs but also on implementing already mature solutions.

In this context, the meeting was structured on a series of workshops to be organized around the different research questions on the areas to be covered in the Roadmap document: (1) Baseline and state of the art, (2) Achieving policy objectives and targets, (3) Strategic Implementation Plan.

DELPHI’s representatives from ICCS, WINGS, ALICE, NTTD and AUM participated in the EU clustering workshop in Brussels, discussing about Network & Traffic Management Systems (NTM) towards the development of a Strategic Implementation Plan. ICCS moderated table “Reduce external costs (congestion, emissions etc.) and reduce the cost of mobility for all”, ALICE moderated table “Integration of transport modes into a multimodal network for passengers and freight” and WINGS moderated table “Sensors and Devices”.