DELPHI is glad to announce that Multimodal Traffic Management Cluster (previously known as 4FRONT cluster) has recently released a policy brief detailing strategic enhancements in traffic management through improved data sharing and governance.

This policy brief, collaboratively crafted by the 4FRONT cluster (a synergy of four EU-funded traffic management projects: DiT4TRAM, FRONTIER, ORCHESTRA and TANGENT) and the MobiDataLab project, offered support for a pragmatic approach towards 2030.

The insights shared within the aforementioned policy brief stemmed from a workshop held in June 2023, where the 5 projects collectively identified challenges, proposed recommendations, and outlined research gaps.

The document was reviewed and validated by the new Cluster projects: SYNCHROMODEDELPHI, and ACUMEN and it explores the challenges and innovations in data ecosystem and governance, regulations, data standards, and data exchange, offering a comprehensive guide to the future of traffic management.

The policy brief can be accessed here.

For more detailed insights and to follow the progress of these transformative projects, visit the official project websites: