We’re thrilled to announce DELPHI’s participation in the Multimodal Traffic Management (MTM) cluster, which aims to reshape the European transport landscape with innovative solutions for seamless, sustainable, and efficient mobility!

MTM cluster has been built upon the foundation of the 4FRONT cluster. The 4FRONT Cluster is composed of four Horizon 2020 projects enabling network and traffic management for future mobility. The projects are TANGENT, DIT4TRAM, FRONTIER and ORCHESTRA. This cluster has been enlarged with the integration of three additional Horizon Europe projects (DELPHI, ACUMEN & SYNCHROMODE), towards broadening its scope, beyond its original objectives with the view to enable multimodal network and traffic management for future mobility, aligning with the European Commission’s Sustainable and Intelligent Mobility Strategy.

Therefore, as part of the MTM cluster, DELPHI joins forces with leading Horizon Europe initiatives like FRONTIERTANGENTORCHESTRADIT4TraMSYNCHROMODE and ACUMEN.

DELPHI’s mission is clear: to integrate passenger and freight transport into a single, federated system, breaking down silos and fostering collaboration across sectors. By harnessing the power of advanced methodologies and cutting-edge technologies, DELPHI aims to transform transportation systems for a sustainable future. This is what makes it fully aligned with the MTM cluster’s scope!

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The future of transportation starts here with DELPHI and the MTM cluster. Let’s drive change together!