The “Supply Chain & Logistics” is an internationally recognized trade fair, serving as a central information and communication platform for the logistics and supply chain industry.

Held biennially at the Athens Metropolitan Expo, in the historically rich city of Athens, it sets the stage for new developments, trends, and innovations, attracting numerous industry experts. The focus of the fair includes the transportation sector, equipment sector, and commercial vehicle sector.

Exhibitors showcased a wide range of products and services, ranging from forwarding and maritime transport to forklifts, shelving, and warehouse management systems, as well as automation and robotic systems and IT systems.

Highlights of the fair included conferences, discussion rounds, and innovative case studies. Research findings were introduced, and new business practices were discussed.

DELPHI project was presented during the “Innovation Move Logistics Forward – Transport Technologies from the future” event that took place as part of the 9th Logistics and Supply Chain International Expo 2023, on 30/9 in Athens, Greece.

ICCS provided an overview of the project’s objectives and expected results and had an interesting discussion with stakeholders about the expected impact.

The presentation entitled “DELPHI: Το έργο που φέρνει την επανάσταση στα συστήματα μεταφορών για ένα βιώσιμο μέλλον“, was given in Greek and it is available here.